Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vote Stairs!

Now I know Matt Stairs isn't an everyday player, but he is a Philly hero for his heroics last postseason. There is a website dedicated to Manny Ramirez to get him votes for the All-Star game, and he's suspended for 'roids, so why cant we get Matt Stairs in the Home-Run Derby?

This year, the MLB added a new section to the All-Star ballots which enables fans to vote for the participants of the Home-Run Derby. There are many viable candidates on there, but they left off one name, Matt Stairs!

Voting has basically just gotten underway so we still have plenty of time to get Stairs in there. But we can not do this alone, you need to tell everyone you know to vote for Matt Stairs. All you have to do is follow the link below. Check the box labeled "Write-In" then type in Matt Stairs. Under the "Select Club" tab, select Phillies.

Now enough of all the talk. Get voting!